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My Base Routine (Foundation-Concealer-Powder-Blush) - Long Post!!

I figured it was a good time to demo my current base routine and give you some tips on tone correction along the way, since that’s an issue for my skin right now! Obviously, it’s not perfect skin, and I do get ravaged by premenstrual hormones from time to time. (Feel free to click and expand the photos!)

Obviously this isn’t the only way you should do your base. If your skin issues are significantly different, you’ll probably need to take what points work for you and throw out the rest. It’s just what I’ve found works well for me when I want a more perfected finish. It takes about 20-30mins to do my full makeup including eyes and lips, but then I enjoy the ritual when I have the time.

There are always days when I just throw on some concealer and powder and dash out the house. 

Note: This isn’t a tutorial for covering severe acne breakouts. There are a lot of vloggers on Youtube who have informative demo videos that would be much more useful, as well as better first-hand experience with specific foundations for covering acne, so I’d recommend searching there!

A sneak preview before we begin!


A mini-introduction to Givenchy Teint Couture Long-Wearing (Illuminating & Comfortable) Fluid Foundation. This was provided for review, and I wasn’t expecting to like the texture so much. It has medium coverage, covers most small and light flaws, sets to a demi-matte finish and LOOKS like real skin - not flat, matte, obvious makeup.

Shade 5 Elegant Honey is a little too deep for my NC25 skin (but the difference is not obvious off-camera). I just wanted to let you see the overall texture and coverage. I’d say it’s good for normal to combi/dry-oily skins if you don’t like a completely matte finish.

Teint Couture comes in 9 shades (7 in Singapore) and should be available in most countries where Givenchy is sold by August (21st for SG). Check at your local counter for details!

My Skin for your Reference:

I’ll say I’m lucky in the sense that I usually don’t have many active spots or lumps and bumps (texture and contours are hardest to conceal; discolorations are easier). The one on my chin has just gone down and scabbed over, and the one on my cheek is a 2-week-old mark that has no contour.

The main things I need to fix:

  • Unevenness: I have darkness around my eyes and slightly around the corners of the mouth, and hyperpigmentation from old spots that last sometimes for months.
  • Sheen: It’s not particularly oily, but even regular clear skin can catch the light, making it look “shiny” and the pores more obvious.
  • A bit of Scabbing: A recently-subsided spot means some flakiness and scabbing, which can be harder to conceal.
  • Veins/redness: Somehow hi-res photography and bright lights seem to bring out every little vein I never knew I had. These tend to concentrate around my inner cheeks and my nose because this is where I also pick at my pores…. (don’t follow my example!)

I also have slightly dry skin around my eyes that doesn’t take well to lots of heavy powder.

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people tell me that my eyeliner makes me look 16 years younger but i just dont see it

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Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick’s friendship is too beautiful. 

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21 Best GIFs of All Time of the Week
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    We’re are super friendly, say neutral things to them and try to keep to a minimum of conversation


    We would constantly call them by the name that they are known for (for example ‘SLUT’), tell them to shut the f*** up every time they butt into your conversations and pretty much give them the dirtiest of looks.


   Be nice to them in person, then bitch to your friends who ALSO don’t like that certain person… it’s so much FUN!!


   These people never go away we’re just stuck dealing with idiots the rest of our lives.